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whenever taylor comes on my tv and i’m not in the room my mom just yells “TAYLOR SWIFT” as if i’ll come running at her name. i mean i will but that’s not the point


To install iOS 8 on your Apple device, you may have to free up some space by deleting apps and photos, clearing out your loft, selling your car, burning all your clothes and putting grandma into a home.

I think [“Shake It Off”] is awesome! It sticks in your head. I heard it one time and I was, like, singing it all day long! … Of course she’s gonna go and do a pop record if she wants to. She’s an amazing writer so if she comes back tomorrow and says ‘I’m gonna make a country record now’, we’ll listen to that and buy it too! I mean, it doesn’t matter. I’m just proud of her for doing whatever art she wants to do; it’s gonna be successful… it’s Taylor Swift! I have a lot of her material on my iPod and I bought the new single. I’m a supporter of hers.
- Miranda Lambert on Taylor Swift (x)
You have people trying to take off your shoes, sometimes. When you’re standing on like a [laughs], when you’re standing on a stage and the crowd can reach out. I can just feel them unbuckling my shoe, and I’m just sort of like, “This can’t happen.” Or like grabbing at your ankles, and you’re just sort of like, “I really hope they don’t pull me into the pit,” ‘cause I don’t know what I’d do. But you know, that’s because they’re so energetic, they’re so passionate which is what I want from them. I guess you can’t ask for them to scream and dance and stand up for two hours straight, and not take you’re shoes off of you.

“Maybe Taylor Swift is the problem?”


This is Taylor Swift throwing dirt on her haters:


And this is her bathing in the ocean of the tears of her haters:


Lesson learned: Don’t fuck with the queen